How to Calm the F*** Down: Parent Edition
From Overwhelm to Zen: A mini-meditation course for Mammas.
Imagine feeling calm through the day.
Having the time to be fully present with your kids without having to hurry them or losing your patience.

As a mom sometimes all you need is a little break.

  • to compose yourself,

  • to think before reacting harshly to your kids,

  • to take a breath.

  • However, if there is something all moms can agree on is that there never seems to be enough time.

    To tidy the house, do the laundry, work and play with your kids.

    But you CAN obtain that feeling of calm and reclaim your day. And meditation can help you get there.

    I created this course specifically for busy moms who have little or no time to meditate but who NEED and WANT to reclaim their days.

    In LESS than one hour you will:

  • Understand the basics of meditation

  • Know what to do during meditation (instead of just closing your eyes and hoping it works)

  • Understand how your thoughts can stress or relax you

  • Know how to deal with negative thoughts during meditation

  • Practice a short reset meditation for busy moms leaving you feeling Oh so Very Relaxed.

  • You can reclaim your day and your calm and you can start today.

    See you on the other side!